Student Ambassador Program | Smile Campaign

OverviewSony Student Ambassadors were selected to participate in a photo shoot; creative was featured on graphics in the Sony Direct Retail Stores across the US in the Fall of 2011 as part of the “Smile” campaign.

Channels: Sony Direct Retail Stores in the US (~25).

Project Role: As the Program Manager for the Sony Student Ambassadors, I helped to create the selection criteria and interview process which narrowed down 100 students to the final five that were chosen to be featured in the campaign to best reflect the Sony brand.

Results: after a successful photo shoot, the Student Ambassador profiles were featured in large graphics and signage inside the Sony Direct Retail Stores, including graphic “fin” walls, department POP, and large format window signs.

Student Ambassador Smile Campaign 4 Student Ambassador Smile Campaign 3 Student Ambassador Smile Campaign 2 Student Ambassador Smile Campaign 1


Student Ambassador Program | Product Market Research

Overview: developed a market research survey for Sony Student Ambassadors to share after completing a product demo for peers with the purpose of gathering product feedback and demo effectiveness.

Channels: Sony Qualtrics online survey platform.

Project Role: project lead working directly with Market Research team to draft and publish a short survey; incorporated findings from executive summary into program presentations shared with product teams.

Results: Student Ambassadors collectively returned thousands of unique data points that together told a story on the effectiveness of their product demonstrations, the purchase consideration rates of the target audience, and the “stickiness” of marketing messages.

Student Ambassador Program product demo survey


Student Ambassador Program | Community Website Production

Overview: built an online community portal for the Sony Student Ambassador Program in order to communicate directly with the students and allow them to troubleshoot and share best practices with each other in a secure, closed group environment.

Channels: Ning, a community blog hosting site.

Project Role: Site Manager; built the community site from the ground up using the templatized services provided by Ning then enlisted the assistance of the web design team to polish the theme to align with the existing brand standards at the time. Maintained site and engaged directly with community on a daily basis.

Results: site had 95% adoption and engagement rate (100 members total) with a subset of 20 very active users who consistently participated in forum discussions and content sharing.

Student Ambassador Program Website