Global Merchandising Anti-Theft Solution

Overview: As the top stolen product during holiday sales, GoPro needed to come up with an anti-theft merchandising solution for all of it’s POP displays worldwide (20,000+) that would be approved for use in retail by all customers and maintain the brand integrity and shopability of its cameras and premium accessories on shelf.

Channels: All GoPro authorized dealers and distributors worldwide.

Project Role: Project Manager responsible for RFPs with creative and display vendors, internal creative and budget approvals and external approvals with the visual merchandising and LP teams with major retails (Walmart, Best Buy, Target, REI, etc.) as well as timeline and logistics of distribution to customers worldwide.

Results: Achieved a universally-approved solution that reached all major customers and hit 100% of forecasted installations during pre-holiday sales season.

4FootSTD angled render

Apple Stores | Anti-theft Merchandising

Overview: Product inventory replaced with an empty CTA box due to high theft for both cameras and accessories.

Channels: Apple stores worldwide.

Project Role: Oversaw the creative revisions with each new product launch and on-boarded new print vendor to execute the job and distribute globally to Apple DCs. Also explored alternative temporary and semi-temporary POP merchandising solutions with the Apple Retail Team.

Results: Successfully prevented the theft of product and provided an educational and informative merchandising solution for customers and associates in multiple languages.

Apple Boxes in store photoApple Boxes Hero4 Family with Session artwork

Club Accounts | Seasonal Bundle

Overview: Spring and Fall pallet displays featured in club accounts promoting a seasonal product bundle.

Channels: Costco (US, Canada and Mexico), Sam’s, BJ’s, and PriceSmart.

Project Role: Project lead pulling together cross-functional teams including demand planning, sales, operations and creative to execute an on-time launch of the promotion in-stores across all club channels.

Results: Customer approvals of artwork and on-time launch in all channels.

Fry’s Electronics | Shop in Shop

Overview: GoPro’s first entry into Fry’s is with their largest in-store presence as of this launch featuring a 20ft by 10ft Shop in Shop at the Sunnyvale location in California. The Shop in Shop features every available GoPro product with three large TV monitors, a graphic ecosystem story, a hanging scrim, and an educational bar centered in the space for demos.

Channels: Fry’s Electronics Sunnyvale, CA location.

Project Role: Project Manager to assist in the timeline and budget management, contract development and negotiation, and design concept evolution.

Results: Budget approvals and on-time launch pre-holiday selling season.

Best Buy Canada | Elevated Experience Display

Overview: New POP display for the remodeled Best Buy Canada stores that replaced the older 4ft countertop “camera bar” displays. Features a full assortment of GoPro products with three large screen monitors playing GoPro content and is built to be future-proof and accept new product assortments.

Channels: Best Buy Canada stores.

Project Role: Project lead to manage the design and execution of the in-store experience with the display manufacturer and internal creative services team and approvals both internally from the CEO and externally within Best Buy Canada.

Results: On-time execution for a pre-holiday launch.


Best Buy Display | Camera Experience Shop

Overview: New digital imaging store layout called the Camera Experience Shop in which Sony participates with their own freestanding display able to assort ~18 SKUs plus additional camera lenses. Best Buy launched 6 pilot store locations with the participation of Canon and Nikon, in addition to Sony, with the objective of competing with camera specialty shops that historically have a wider assortment and deeper knowledge of premium and DSLR cameras.

Channels: Best Buy stores, 6 locations (Denver, CO; Schaumberg, IL; Downers Grove, IL; Boston, MA; New York; NY; Alpharetta, GA).

Project Role: This project was transitioned to me during the installation of the display. I took over as project lead to see through installation and repair & maintenance (R&M) plan. I worked with the display manufacturer (AGI), security vendors (InVue and MTi), print vendor (The Bernard Group), and creative agency (Catapult) to finish display execution and gather feedback from the shopfront to prepare for graphic refreshes as new SKUs have been added to the display and in anticipation of Best Buy expanding this experience to additional locations.

Results: Shopper feedback has been extremely positive since the launch in April 2014 with anecdotes that customers didn’t realize Sony had such a wide assortment of premium interchangeable lenses. Sony’s credibility in the digital imaging category is greatly improving as a result of this new freestanding display.

Sony Freestanding Display